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Agentes de viajes de la India: suplica al primer ministro: no buscamos limosnas

This being the largest service sector in India, we ensure that tourism to and from India is promoted to generate bi-lateral trade around the world. Incredible India has rich heritage and culture be it through arts and crafts, dance forms, music, food & cuisine, road trips, rail tours, but also has the best beaches, mountains, waterways, landscapes, deserts, temples, places of worship, nature and wildlife, medical tourism, agricultural tourism, camping, student tourism, promotion of yoga, Buddhist circuit, adventure tourism, festival tourism, spiritual tourism, sports tourism, MiCE, Weddings, Film tourism etc. Our members promote all verticals with ease and grace as our culture has embibed into us “Athithi Devo Bhava”.

Tourism-led growth hypothesis postulates that expansion of travel and tourism activities generates economic growth, resources and technology inside of the economy, additionally by expanding foreign exchange earnings in inbound. You are well aware that there is a reasonable relationship between economic growth, tourism and financial development.

The contribution from this Ministry and the Trade especially in the last 5 years, deserves a Cabinet berth in your Government. Travel & Tourism was one of your key stakeholder partners in ensuring to make India the USD 5 Trillion economy.

We have already submitted proposals to the Ministry of Tourism as well as Ministry of Civil Aviation on policies for insurance protecting our members from global airline bankruptcies, consumer protection, travel insurance, tourism fund, Special Tourism Zones, structuring it for ease of doing business.

Strategizing for setting up an efficient regulatory body along with TAAI and other stakeholders in the travel and tourism trade with MoCA and MoT like SEBI / IRDA etc. which shall not only protect the interests of the general public but also of the principals, travel agents and tour operators.

This shall also ensure that every Travel & Tourism organisations/professional registers with the Ministry though us, which shall safe guard, no fly by night operators mislead the traveller/ tourist and appropriate guidance and quality service is rendered.

Our members spend over 50% of their earning towards salaries and wages of personnel working in the trade. Education, Research, Continuous Education and upgradation of knowledge is an ongoing process to keep our clients well informed in this competitive world with technology.

We continue to endevour our drive to do business, escalating to higher standards and achievements, for which your intervention and support is being sought para proporcionar Industry Status to Travel & Tourism in India.

This shall ensure overall economic growth, increased job oppourtunities, higher revenues, technology development in the trade.

We at TAAI assure you that, once again under your leadership, India shall re-gain its title of being “Sone ki Chidya”, within the next 5 years.

Our humble request to you is to call for an emergent meeting of the Task Force on Travel & Tourism along with us, the stakeholders under your aegis.

We at TAAI assure you that we shall strive to drive the change, to make the industry more resilient and productive, along with our full support to the Government. We shall grow to fulfil the dreams of making India a 5 Trillion Dollar Economy by 2023 ensuring travel and tourism contributes to over 15% to the national GDP by then, with your support and encouragement.

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