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Cielos turbulentos para la aviación india

With planes grounded for the most part of last year, domestic airlines are facing severe cash crunches, making it difficult for management to even pay salaries to staff, pilots included.

Even the flights that are operating are reporting low load factors. Many airlines are facing threats from employees of unrest and of quitting, unless what is due to them is paid.

Changes at the top level have also been witnessed, such as in Go Air, which is not always good for the industry.

One sure victim of the present uncertain times will be the disinvestment plan for Air India, which has seen a delay several times as the bidders for the once Maharaja pride of India airline are not exactly rushing to invest in an airline which has accumulated huge losses over the years.

One silver lining could be the potential revival of Jet Airways, but here again, it will be some time before the skies will see the once popular passenger carrier criss-crossing the skies.

Some airlines are making valiant attempts to meet the crisis by trying to boost the network by including once less popular landing destinations such as Agra, the city of the iconic Taj Mahal, on the air map. The hope is that a beeline to long-standing destinations in demand will entice stakeholders.

Today in India there were 131,878 new Casos de COVID-19 reported. Fortunately, the death toll is still somewhat low, but hospital beds are beginning to run short as new strains of the coronavirus are rapidly increasing the spread with some areas of the country are going into lockdown. In a country of close to 1.4 billion, vaccinations are a daunting task, and the nation is behind schedule.


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